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When asking homeowners the reason why smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguishers are not a concern in their home? Responses included:

 "I bought more homeowner insurance to cover the damages"

"I will take my chances"

"I have a new home"

"We just don't think about it"

"It will NEVER happen to me!"

The program we have put together not only saves the lives of those who are living in the home, but help save lives of firefighters and paramedics. We are preventing the loss of lives!


My wife, two kids and I just recently moved into a new construction home within the Brighton Crossings community.  About a month into living in the new house, we started setting up my newborn son’s bedroom, to include installing a light fixture. This is when I noticed that the breaker connected to his room was tripped.  I reset the breaker and discovered that the entire homes smoke and carbon monoxide detector system was connected to my son’s bedroom.  This could have potentially been tripped for nearly a month.  All it takes is two minutes for a house fire to spread and we could have been asleep. We would not have been alerted until it was too late. With a wife and two kids to protect, this shattered me.  This prompted me to educate myself on our homes safety measures, and in turn discovered Code Red Heart.  I had Russ and his team come in, and thoroughly inspect our house to make sure that our new home was properly protected.  Russ discovered that, we in fact, were not properly protected against carbon monoxide poisoning.  It was also brought to our attention that our fire extinguishers were expired.  I want to thank the Code Red team again, for their time and patience through all my questions. This organization truly leads with Heart.  Thank you.


Thomas J. 

Brighton, Colorado. 

In March, 2019, Russ and Shaun came to our house and replaced every smoke and carbon monoxide detector we had. They thoroughly tested the entire system from the basement to the second floor. They spent well over two hours installing and ensuring everything was properly hooked up and working. Russ and Shaun engaged my 5 year old son every step of the way from installment to testing with unmatched patience. They showed my son what to do if the alarm went off when he is in his room - how to test the door handle, how exit or wait for help. They also demonstrated how to stay low and call for others. I have never felt safer in my home and I am so grateful for invaluable lessons they taught my son. My mother lost her entire home to a fire when she was in junior high school and I know that she sleeps better now knowing that Code Red Heart supported my family. Thank you!

Sarah B.

Denver, Colorado

Russ really cares about people, all people! He came to our home, performed a walk thru and conveyed sincere concern about our safety. He was professional, knowledgeable and 100% genuine in his work. He found the only fire extinguisher we had was years expired, no smoke detector in the basement, other smoke detectors that were not even wired up -(we found out after we bought, that our house had been a flip and lots of short cuts were taken! Sure wish the inspector would have caught some of these things that are there to protect us!) We also didn't have a working carbon monoxide detector. Russ not only corrected all of these gaps with up-to-date technology (like smoke detectors that talk to each other) he tested them and checked our air quality throughout the house! You really don't think about all this until it's too late or maybe you see a family on the news who got sick or even killed from not taking these precautions- Russ made it easy for us and I can honestly say we slept better immediately. A few years ago my sister had a new furnace installed and early the next morning her carbon monoxide detector sounded, she thought it was a glitch or false alarm and almost just unplugged it but something made her get up and call 911, they told her to get the family out of the house- she was lucky to have trusted that alarm and her gut, the furnace had a leak and the family could have been seriously sick or died! Russ, What you are doing will save lives, I have no doubt- Thank you from the bottom, top and middle of my heart!!

Cindy & Keith N.

Centennial, Colorado


The Facts Are Astonishing

Average Home Failure Rate


40 Homes @ 98% Failure Rate

Carbon Monoxide Alarms


41 Carbon Monoxide Alarms Replaced or Installed

Smoke Alarms


 97 Smoke or Combo Alarms Replaced or Installed

Fire Extinguishers


75 Fire Extinguishers Replaced or Installed

Fatal or Toxic Gas Found


Out of 40 Homes, 10 had Combustible Gas or Carbon Monoxide found in home.



Out of 40 Homes, 1 Had an improperly installed radon system.

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