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Code Red Heart is committed to raising awareness of hidden home dangers caused by fatal and toxic gases. Through education, prevention and direct aid, with the sole purpose of helping families, veterans and the disabled.

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 Code Red Heart is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to veterans, disabled and those who need special assistance. We complete an entire home evaluation to ensure everyone within the home is safe. This may be to provide, install and annually check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms along with fire extinguishers. In addition, we always check for Carbon Monoxide and Combustible Gas Leaks throughout the entire home to prevent poisoning or an explosion they were not aware of.

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Our services are available to everyone, but our donated services are reserved for those in need. 100% of the profits made through Code Red Heart help us provide the necessary services for those who are less fortunate.

Who We Are and Why

Our History

Code Red Heart was founded by Russ Jefferies in 2018.  After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in early 2016, he attended several MS events and found himself surrounded by many others less fortunate fighting this incurable disease. 

Through his combined 25+ years of experience in the HVAC industry, he has witnessed and experienced first-hand the health effects of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.  He has also helped customers who have suffered through many missed medical diagnoses, due to long term exposures of natural gas and CO. In some cases, Carbon Monoxide alarms were present, but failed to alert the homeowners. Combustible gas leaks have been found and the customer was unaware. The combination of these potentially life-threatening situations mixed with individuals who have disabilities are a major concern!

Through his professional experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry, he was determined to help and protect others from fatal and toxic gases, ensuring their safety. Annual toxic gas leak checks are a must for all homes along with properly installed, checked and maintained alarms and devices.

Russ’ vision is to implement a new type of safe home that is not currently provided through education, professional services and field-tested quality products.  


Why the Disabled

Many of us have a  close friend or family member who struggles on a daily basis to do even the simplest task. Some use a form of wheel chair or walker, where as others may not be so lucky. How do individuals with these medical conditions climb a ladder or use stairs to check for proper alarm operations? With so many medical diagnostics in todays world, we need to help keep everyone safe in their own homes!

Please check out our "Services Page" to see if you qualify for our free services.


Why Veterans

We have reached out to veterans within our own families, organization and communities to find who is raising the awareness of  hidden home dangers where they reside. Other organizations want to hand a veteran an alarm, but who follows up each year to ensure it works properly? The average age for a veteran is 58 years old. How many of these individuals can climb a ladder and check their alarms frequently? How are they able to change the batteries while standing on the ladder? Veteran gave us their hearts to keep us safe, we give ours back to them!

Please check out our "Services Page" to see if you qualify for our free services.


Why Special Assistance

Families that need special assistance may include, but is not limited to financial hardship due to a medical illness, receiving financial support from any government support program, or the recent loss of an immediate family member. 

Please check out our "Services Page" to see if you qualify for our free services.

***Individuals We Have Helped***

The only true way to evaluate the size of our heart is to document each and every home case with whom we have directly impacted. Please click on the following link to see our progress!

Don't Become a Statistic

Recent Stories

9/5/2019. House Fire near Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Colorado Springs, CO.

8/25/2019. House Fire. Colorado Springs, CO.

8/16/2019. House blaze with damages exceeding $100,000. Windsor, CO.

8/8/2019. Man severely injured, 2 dogs die in southern Colorado. Pueblo, CO.

7/02/2018. Fire starts in garage, spreads to house. Denver, CO.

7/03/2018. Woman dies after being found in home fire. Denver, CO.

7/09/2018. Home catches fire from exploding outdoor grill. Colorado Springs, CO.

7/28/2018. Home fire killed two in home. Arvada, CO.

7/28/2018. Mother and 5 kids killed a in motel fire. Sodus Township, Michigan

7/10/2018. Woman taken to hospital after home fire. Adams County, CO.

7/30/2018. 27 People treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at a Taco Stand. Greeley, CO.

7/31/2018. Family displaced after home fire. Colorado Springs, CO.

7/31/2018. 3 Escape after home fire. Highlands Ranch, CO.

8/31/18. 10 children die in a home fire while having a slumber party. Chicago. One smoke alarm found, but the battery was dead.

These are some of the stories we have heard about recently. More stories and photos can be seen on our instagram and twitter links. We are currently working with fire departments and agencies for better details about causes and preventions.

For Current FEMA statistics, please visit: https://apps.usfa.fema.gov/civilian-fatalities


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